I'm only in my 20's and still I've went from making the news - to writing the news.

Just some motivation that you do not need to be a millionaire or a celebrity to get your voice heard. All you need is passion, and a medium.



City Must Assure ADA Compliance - Cape Coral Breeze Editorial by Alex Galante

Launching in early 2018, The Steetscape Project, although necessary to improve infrastructure in downtown Cape Coral, Fl, could potentially pose inaccessibility to the disabled during construction. Working in a law firm that servers disabled persons, I wrote this memo to urge the City of Cape Coral to recognize their duty in creating accessible entry for disabled peoples during construction for my disability law firm. These ADA laws are both  Florida state and US federal laws,  and address new construction under the ADA act.


Fake social security scam site targeting Cape Coral exposed By Dave Elias, Chief political reporter - NBC2, ABC7

“Social Security generates tons of traffic every day,” said Alex Galante, who tipped us off about the site.
During my research on governmental policies, I uncovered a phony phishing scam posing as a federal agency,  targeted at hundreds of cities in the US. Natural with web-research and investigation, it didn't take long for me to uncover it was actually a carefully crafted underground marketing scheme to solicit business to vulnerable populations. With a whistleblower attitude, I reported this scam site, and the Office of Inspector General (OIG) made collaborative efforts to bring this site down.

Trump rallies Republican base with historic visit by NBC2 News

During the summer of the 2016 presidential elections, our nation was attacked by bombers in NYC and NJ. The next day, then candidate Donald Trump  visited our local region. NBC-2 news asked me if I was scared to come to a high-volume political event so close after an attack. My response was that us Americans cannot let fear drive us out of our wants, goals, and aspirations. When we start letting evil-doers dictate our daily lives, that is when they win.

“I thought it would be okay for me and my kid to come,” said Alex Galante, who looked forward to bringing her six-year-old daughter. “I did re-think about coming here.”


Missing boy from Cape Coral found  By Nestor Mato, Reporter, NBC2

 This was a devastating story about a local boy who had gone missing during a soccer game. We learned that the foster child went missing because of "threats of deportation," as released by the Cape Coral Police Department. This issue brings light to how DCF oversees placement for foster children who are not US citicenz, DACA, and how to keep children safe in the US, regardless of national origin.
  "I never take my eyes off my child. I watch her like a hawk," Galante said. 
Alexandra Galante donates clothing to be given to the homeless during a community outreach event Saturday at Centennial park in downtown Fort Myers. The event was put on by the the David Lau Foundation and more than 100 people received assistance. Lau, a Fort Myers resident, was murdered in 2012.
(photo by Kinfay Moroti-2015)
Alexandra Galante donates clothing to be given to the homeless during a community outreach . . .  Giving back to the community is important to me, because it is the same community that gave back so much to me.
"Feeding the Cows" - Bonita Springs, Fl - Naples Daily News 2013
Some of the several times my daughter and I are captured by journalists while exercising our humanitarian efforts toward feeding the animals. While waiting at a bus stop in 2013, my daughter and I entertained ourselves by feeding carrots to the nearby cows. A journalist pulled over to the side of the road and captured this unforgettable shot.
"Feeding the Birds" - Fort Myers, Fl - Newspress 2015
Again in 2015, I am teaching my daughter to be kind to nature. We are captured in Fort Myers feeding the birds leftover bread. Whoever has a bountiful eye will be blessed, for he shares his bread with the poor. Proverbs 22:9