Art is Not Dead in Cape Coral

By Alex Galante – The Daily Breeze

“I like clicking. When taking a photo, I want to feel the ‘click’ of my fingertip. Just the same way with reading the news. I’m old school. I like feeling the paper in my hands”

“Art is dead.” It’s a phrase that penetrates our psyche subconsciously, through decades of exposure to pop culture and spending cuts in Congress. But is art really dead? In the heart of Cape Coral, art is alive and kicking at the Cape Coral Art League.

Appropriately located off Cultural Park Boulevard, Cape Coral’s Art League began more than 50 years ago with seven local women who opened up a studio to share a cup of coffee, while they painted.

“Most of the time they didn’t paint, just yacked,” joked Carmen Sprague, vice president of Cape Coral Art League.

Not your cliche art snobs, the whimsical liveliness and social ambience of the Art League is humanized by the artists that make up its organization. Keep Reading

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