‘Manateeum’ fund raising gets gala start

By Alex Galante – The Breeze

“I even wrote Gov. Scott. The only thing he did is make a Manatee Day too think about the manatees.”

Most children grow up reading stories of mermaids, an aquatic creature with the upper body of a female and the tail of a fish. Although many of us have grown out of this fairytale, people like Maija Gadient Heberlein know the truth behind mermaids. The reality is, manatees are the creatures that began this mythical legend. Yes, the origin of the quixotic mermaid was actually inspired by the “sea cow.”

Yet as we’ve forced ourselves to accept that mermaids don’t exist, the manatees have faced endangerment and extinction. The same creatures which inspired our childhood fantasies, are now being threatened by humanity from loss of habitat and collisions with boats and ships. Keep Reading…

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